Minister de Brenni commented on the Renewable Energy Zones Roadmap at an industry dinner hosted by QREC.

The Queensland Renewables Energy Council has welcomed the State Government’s release of the Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) Roadmap with committed funding to support REZ assessment and community engagement.

QREC Chief Executive Officer Katie-Anne Mulder said Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Minister Mick de Brenni announced the Roadmap for 12 proposed REZs and undertake readiness assessment to QREC members.

“The Minister wants to ensure the REZ development and the broader renewables rollout has community at its core,” Ms Mulder said.

“On behalf of its members, QREC is already working with local government, the agricultural and resources sector and other local stakeholders and the REZ Roadmap provides a great opportunity to deepen that engagement and strengthen that partnership.”

“We all have a shared ambition to work toward a 80% by 2035 renewable energy target in a way that maximises the benefits for local communities, co-exists with traditional industries and projects are delivered sustainably with timely approval processes from State and Australian governments.”

Currently, Queensland has 27% renewable energy.

Ms Mulder said the Queensland Government has funded QREC to strengthen the industry’s community engagement and work closely with stakeholders on behalf of the renewables industry across Queensland.

Separately, the Queensland Government has allocated an $6 million for commencing the Central Queensland Strategic REZ Readiness Assessment in the first half of 2024, and the Strategic REZ Readiness Assessments for North, Far North and Southern Queensland in late 2024.

It has allocated $20 million from the Regional Economic Futures Fund to action outputs from REZ Readiness Assessments.

In a statement from the Queensland Government, Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs Mick de Brenni said:

“We’re taking intentional, measured steps to deliver a clear and detailed framework, which has never been rolled out in Australia on this scale before.

“The Miles Government is keen to establish world leading practices on local benefits in the transition, which is why we welcome the voice of all community industry and sectors.

“Working together with industry as we roll out renewable energy across Queensland is essential to achieving better outcomes for communities, the environment, and our energy system.

“I know QREC, in collaboration with the Miles Government, are committed to helping build a strong, local manufacturing industry, to create better jobs and deliver a more prosperous Queensland.”