Strong support

QREC has broad support from stakeholders across Queensland who understand the need for collaboration and co-ordination of development. We have received funding from local and international founding members and the Queensland Government.

In addition, we have strong relationships throughout the agricultural and resources industries, communities and biodiversity conservation organisations.

With extensive experience in industry advocacy, policy development and stakeholder engagement, QREC has attracted a broad range of international and Australian companies who are developing and operating renewables projects.

In leading this coalition of support, QREC will build on the legacy and lessons of Queensland’s resources industry to ensure the full potential of renewable energy is realised.

Benefits of membership 

Members of QREC are part of a powerful renewable energy community and support network.

QREC is committed to understanding our members’ businesses and projects in Queensland. Starting with an introductory meeting, we seek to understand what you need and how we can help. Benefits of membership include:

Playing an informed and active role in creating renewable energy policy and leading practices

  • Membership of fit-for-purpose policy working groups focused on coexistence and critical infrastructure

  • Contributing to a strong and consistent safety culture

Support in understanding regulation and policy

  • Government and stakeholder briefings relevant to your business

  • Monthly newsletter with updates on policy and renewable energy project announcements

Networking and facilitation of local introductions

  • Access to information-sharing events with local and state government representatives and peer companies

  • Discounts for events run by regional partners and sister organisations

Access to government networks and member peers

  • Opportunities to build relationships with governments and departments

  • Access to QREC’s Queensland Government Directory and QREC Member Portal

Promotion as a company operating in Queensland

  • Your project updates shared with our member network of private and public companies

  • Facilitated introductions to peers, contractors, government representatives and other member organisations

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