The State’s dedicated renewable energy industry organization has welcomed the Queensland Government support to undertake the crucial work to engage local communities and councils to maximise the regional economic benefits from Queensland energy transition.

Queensland Renewable Energy Council Chief Executive Officer Katie-Anne Mulder said Queensland and QREC were uniquely positioned to ensure not only a smooth transition to 80% renewable energy by 2035, but a successful transition for Queensland’s regions, councils, existing industries and traditional owners.

“QREC is committed to working with renewable energy project developers, investors, suppliers and service companies to meet our renewable energy targets and drive regional economic development for Queensland,” she said.

“Already we have been working positively and constructively with agricultural industry and local governments and their representatives. On behalf of and with our members, QREC is committed to a partnership approach to the clean energy transition.”

“We have worked through Parliamentary Committee process and with Members of Parliament on the Energy (Renewable Transformation and Jobs) Bill 2023 and we look forward to passage of the Bill. This legislation enshrines the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan into law, and QREC looks forward to working with all stakeholders to putting that law into action.”

“We will continue to work with communities and other industries to ensure we implement streamlined and coordinated processes that bring certainty of investment to industry and communities.”

With the Queensland Government’s support, QREC’s work program will include:
• Annual industry survey to collect Queensland data to guide better practice with results to be published in the QREC Annual State of the Sector Report.
• Local government engagement in Renewable Energy Zones to understand local needs and support communities to participate in the energy transformation.
• A Community engagement and Benefit Sharing Renewable Energy Developer Guide.
• Queensland-wide Landholder Support Project for renewable energy.
• Investigation and development of opportunities for on-farm benefits of hosting renewable energy.
• Establish an industry group to facilitate sharing and collaboration of safety and health improvement, advancements and incidents.
• Assessment and Approvals Toolkit to outline how to navigate assessment and approval pathways for renewable energy projects.
• Proactive industry and regional engagement in Renewable Energy Zones on coexistence and ensuring communities benefits from the energy transformation.

Media statement by The Honourable Mick de Brenni, Minister for Energy and Clean Economy Jobs available at

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