The Queensland Government’s announcement about a Code of Conduct for developers to follow when delivering renewable energy project across the State will set a new standard for delivering clean energy in Australia.

Queensland Renewable Energy Council (QREC) Chief Executive Officer Katie-Anne Mulder said the Queensland Government is partnering with QREC and the Energy Charter to work with agricultural, local government, conservation, First Nations and other community stakeholders as a core input to inform the initial design of the Code of Conduct.

“The commitment to prepare the Code of Conduct with the renewable energy industry and our key stakeholders and partners in agriculture, local government, First Nations and the community is crucial,” Ms Mulder said.

“QREC believes the Code provides a benchmark for delivering projects in Queensland and confidence for stakeholders and the broader community about the delivery of these projects.”

In response to the former Australian Energy Infrastructure Commissioner’s recommendation of a rating system for developers, QREC and the Energy Charter proposed a collaborative approach with stakeholders to co-design a fit-for-purpose accountability and transparency process, aligned to community expectations for renewable energy development in Queensland that leverages the Energy Charter Accountability Process.

The Energy Charter is a unique CEO-led collaboration of like-minded energy organisations with a shared purpose and passion for customers and communities. Over the past 5 years, its Accountability Process has brought accountability and transparency to the energy sector in delivering for customers.

“The Energy Charter is committed to collaborating to deliver shared-value outcomes for communities through the renewable energy transition. Strongly guided by a Community Outcomes Group, a co-designed Queensland Code with accountability and transparency from renewable developers could create a lighthouse example of what is possible nationally,” Sabiene Heindl, CEO of the Energy Charter said.

“The announcement by the Queensland Government provides for the QREC and Energy Charter approach to inform the initial development of the Code of Conduct,” Ms Mulder said.

“The Code of Conduct also complements the Queensland Renewable Energy Landholder Toolkit developed by the Queensland Farmers’ Federation to support landholders in their dealings with prospective renewable energy project developers.”

“The Queensland Government has already committed to a Local Energy Partnership process, including extending the mandate for the GasFields Commission of Queensland to include renewables.  The GasFields Commission has been integral to ensuring better relations between landholders and the gas industry, and its extended mandate to include renewables is welcomed.”

QREC and the Energy Charter stakeholders will play a critical role in shaping the Code and the Queensland Government will also be engaging other stakeholders as required to ensure broad support and buy-in across the sector and with communities.

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