Meeting the challenge

Queensland is at the forefront of the global transition to renewable energy and the nation‑building development that this opportunity presents. The state’s emissions reduction goals are supported by an abundance of clean energy sources, leading government policy in the form of the Queensland Energy and Jobs Plan and a welcoming investment climate.

The scale of development required for the transition is considerable. More than 30 large‑scale renewable energy projects are operating in Queensland but we’ll need about 250 to meet the state’s 2035 target, involving more than $120 billion of public and private funding.

Communities want a co-ordinated approach to managing local impacts and enduring regional benefits; the industry wants policy certainty and timely approvals; and everyone wants investment in Queensland and a successful renewables transition.

To achieve these outcomes, QREC will continue to work collaboratively to address the right issues at the right time and in the right way.


large‑scale renewable energy projects are operating in Queensland.


projects are needed to meet the state’s 2035 target.

$120 billion

of public and private funding
required to meet this target.

Our priorities

QREC works with industry, communities and all levels of government to deliver a thriving new energy sector for Queensland.

We are a not-for-profit industry body that represents solar, wind, pumped hydro, electricity transmission, battery storage and hydrogen proponents, operators and their suppliers.

Our role is to be a leader in policy development and ensure best practices and successful coexistence with communities. With this focus, our exciting new industry will support the regions and Queensland’s economic development while ensuring we all have access to clean and secure energy.

QREC works with a broad range of stakeholders to create an environment in which:

  • Policy clarity and certainty is achieved on social licence, co‑existence, health and safety, sustainability, planning and approvals.

  • Regional concerns and issues are successfully resolved in a timely way.

  • Communities are involved in the development of leading standards and practices.


QREC is governed by a Board of senior public and private industry representatives chaired by Matthew Stuchbery, Vice‑President of global renewables investor Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Company. Our experienced Board includes VECCO Group Managing Director Tom Northcott, Powerlink Queensland Executive General Manager – Major Projects Ian Lowry, CopperString 2.0 Co-founder and VisIR Managing Director Joseph O’Brien, Cubico Head of Country (Australia) David Smith, WestWind Energy – Australia Chief Development Officer Marla Brauer and CleanCo Queensland General Manager – Strategy and Development, Julie Whitcombe.

The executive team, led by Chief Executive Officer Katie-Anne Mulder and supported by Chief Operating Officer Andrew Brier, are leaders in advancing complex policy development for large-scale industry in Queensland. They have extensive experience and expertise in regulatory frameworks, land use planning, community engagement, sustainability and industry development. The team’s decades of experience spans public and private organisations and industry representative bodies.

Matthew Stuchbery

QREC Chair
Vice-President, Copenhagen Infrastructure Service Company

Katie-Anne Mulder

QREC Chief
Executive Officer

Tom Northcott

QREC Board Member
Managing Director, VECCO Group

Marla Brauer

QREC Board Member
WestWind Energy – Australia Chief Development Officer

Ian Lowry

QREC Board Member
Queensland Executive General Manager – Major Projects, Powerlink

Joseph O’Brien

QREC Board Member
Co-founder Copperstring 2.0 and Managing Director of VisIR

David Smith

QREC Board Member
Head of Country (Australia), Cubico

Julie Whitcombe

QREC Board Member
General Manager – Strategy and Development
CleanCo Queensland