Delivering Queensland energy for the world.

QREC works with industry, communities and all levels of government in the delivery of a thriving new energy sector for Queensland.

Meeting the challenge

For decades, coal and gas have underpinned the Queensland economy and provided secure and reliable energy.

The energy transition represents the greatest opportunity and challenge. We have:

  • the natural assets: wind, sunlight, monsoonal rainfall and wide open spaces
  • the human capacity: skilled workers and the resourcefulness on which our economic prosperity is built
  • the licence: through ambitious emissions reduction targets set by the state and federal governments, and
  • the interest: global and local investors lining up to take advantage of our natural advantages with an array of generation and storage projects that will deliver a thriving new energy landscape in Australia.

QREC’s policy priorities are developed and decided by our members. While a large part of our work is responding to government policy, we energetically pursue an industry-led policy agenda through our Strategic Policy Committee and fit-for-purpose policy groups.

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